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WELCOME to the crazy world of Scavenger Hunts!

Full of action, code breaking, map reading, activities to solve and a massive amount of FUN. and ENTERTAINMENT.

We combine all the thrills of an amazing race, choosing routes, activities, map reading, unique activities are all tied to the scavenger theme added with a dash of a cat and mouse. We have different programs to cater for ages and interests.

We have been utilising the outdoor environment for  years brilliantly and will have your entire group entertained for up to half a day or whatever time you would like to allocate. So come and join us on one of our events.

Our programs are more than a basic Scavenger Hunt. Each program has twists, a unique theme and some unlikely characters. In addition we use SMS technology that allows teams to receive clues electronically (minimising use of old fashioned paper) and choose routes as they move through each leg of the program.

Perfect for any occasion:
  • Superb celebratory event
  • Great for teambuilding 
  • Entertain your group with a difference
  • Combine the best landmarks into an urban adventure
  • Reward your best customers
  • Use it as a conference break
  • Have a Birthday party with a difference
  • Add a twist to your hens party – specially designed
  • Private or corporate groups any date/time on request.

Amazing Scavenger Race

Just like an amazing race this is fast-paced cat and mouse race where teams navigate a series of detours and roadblocks as they race against time to complete the circuit.

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Art Heist

A thriller with a twist! Surprise everyone with the unveiling of a new art masterpiece but to everyones horror it has gone missing!  Can your group save the day?

Lots of teamwork, problem solving challenges and journeying through the best parts of the city.  Something completely different to make for a memorable hilarious event that everyone can enjoy!

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Text in the City

In this hunt, riddles and challenges will be sent directly to each team’s mobile phones allowing everyone to experience a scavenger hunt in a way they never have before!

Challenges answered bring each team closer to victory. Using their mobile phones, teams interact with Mission Control and receive instantaneous clues directions and puzzles to decode.

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Mission Accomplished Challenge

Immerse yourselves into the world of solving the most unlikely mission. 

This is an exciting, fun-filled ‘spy theme’ to test your team’s ingenuity as you work with each new set of clues and unique surprises, teams will diagnose, decode, discover and test their creativity as they navigate mystery locations within a changing, fast paced, creative environment. Maps, clues ………..

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We have  just kidnapped in the most hilarious fashion and in front of your eyes by a very strange terrorist group!

Your team need to complete a whole host of mad capped activities and complete the scavenger hunt to get this key person or they are kaboosh!  Can your group save the day?

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Paparazzi Photo Shoot

In a mad dash in and around your local area teams need to find the classic photo shoot. Each shoot needs to be based on a given theme. Oh! and there maybe some activities to be done on the way!

Yet despite all the hilarity, this is an intelligent team challenge that will tap into the creative juices whilst encouraging interaction and teamwork.

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Run for the Money

The overall objective of Run for the Money is to earn as much money as you can through an a whole host of bizarre to interesting to challenging activities. The team with the most dollars is deemed to be the winner.

The catch in this game of strategy is that your team can earn multiple earnings through investing their hard earned dollars wisely on each and every activity they play.

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X Marks the Spot

Finding the final destination is the ultimate goal. Each completion of a leg gets your team a step closer. But who will complete all the legs to solve the puzzle and find the final location?

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Treasure Hunt

Amongst the beer bottles and empty sunscreen containers locals have recently found 300 year old coins but can your team find the real lost treasure?

Equipped with a pirates map your team begin to uncover a route of the lost sunken pirates ship rumored to have hit the coast in the 1700’s. Armed with a metal detector you begin your adventure to find the bounty!

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