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Amazing Scavenger Race

Just like an amazing race this is fast-paced race where teams navigate a series of detours and roadblocks as they race against time to complete the circuit.

Small teams of clever solvers face fun challenges while navigating the urban landscape on foot or public transportation from the opera house or hyde park through the best parts of the city. Scavenger Hunt have more and more routes on offer and this is discussed with you.

• Working with each new set of clues your team will diagnose, discover and test their problem solving skills as they navigate the city within this changing, fast-paced environment.

• Activities require planning,communication, problem solving skills, thinking laterally and persistence. • Big on FUN • Are completely out of the whelm of normal daily work so that they break away from your office environment


  • Allows everyone’s talent to shine.
  • Lots of laughter, fun & highly memorable.
  • Challenging and creative activities
  • Best locations in CBD, places you have not seen before!
  • Raise spirits and camaraderie
  • Fabulous mix of activities that will surprise every one!
  • Level of involvement and rivalry stays high


  • SMS mobile phone technology
  • Backpacks
  • Drinks and nibbles
  • A whole range of equipment and materials
  • Folders and instruction sheets
  • Shopping challenge budget
  • Prizes
  • Staff and professionally facilitated

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