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Art Heist

 Can your group replace the stolen art work from the The Museum of Prodigious Art?  All of the most important art critics are invited to attend the unveiling ceremony.

Yes, a rare painting is stolen and must be recovered by the teams before it’s too late!

What a brilliant plot and theme for the day to break away from the office environment! This is a wonderful collaborative exercise with adventure and some competition laced on top!

The big surprise is that teams arrive to our very own art gallery and as part of the challenge need to replicate the masterpiece with their own version. Teams don paints and canvases as they become their own group artisans.

In this hilarious finale at the gallery we can finish with drinks and food in our very own opening ceremony!



  • Code breaking, map reading.
  • Allows everyone’s talent to shine.
  • Lots of laughter, fun & highly memorable.
  • Encourages lateral thinking
  • Great theme
  • Props
  • Fabulous locations



  • Professionally MC’d
  • Logistics Management
  • Backpacks/cameras
  • Nibbles/drinks
  • Shopping budget
  • SMS texting
  • Insurance
  • Loads of materials
  • Place to unwind and relax post program
  • Art Gallery
  • Option of food and drinks

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