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Hens Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our own purpose built hens scavenger hunt program are designed to be totally entertaining and a fabulous mix of a cat and mouse, with each set of clues teams get to discover the very best out of the local area and test their creativity as they decode, solve ingenious team challenges, navigate to mystery locations all within the best parts of the urban environment.

This is a socially inclusive themed event hosted by experienced staff who know how to make this a special highlight.

  • MC and staff who will explain the program and set the scene Backpacks and equipment
  • The best legs in the city to navigate through Technology for text in the city to navigate for clues
  • Host of ingenious team challenges within each leg
  • Detour routes and
  • Bonus dare challenges
  • Special Hens games
  • Special spots  to slow down and have a laugh
  • Mystery rendezvous locations and the mystery safe
  • Cameras for each team for best photos
  • Hens photo shoot challenge Scavenger Hunt bonus list
  • Prizes Option of a fabulous finish location to unwind and share stories or
  • A fully catered event that can include dining and drinks