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Important tips when buying a scavenger hunt program

Finishing Location

Consider what your group will be doing afterwards as this may influence the choice of route. In some cases we can finish the group right at the venue that they will be going to or we can help you consider a place to unwind and relax.

Unwind and Relax

At some locations we can provide a barbecue, or finish at a pub or a special place to unwind to wrap up the program, share stories and announce the winners.

Time of the Day

The time of the day is not a big issue for staging the program.


The more varied the setting the more interesting it becomes. We like to utilize the best from the local landscape. We do use varies locations but large open spaces or parklands are difficult as distances can be considerable for groups to traverse and the energy of the program can diminish.


Scavenger Hunts can of course be competitive but was important is not the speed by which they are done but the quality of what is completed. We know how to balance the program structure so it is evenly balanced. If it is too fast for groups they will not have the space or time to socialise and get to know each other which is an important outcome to the success of any program.

Group Mix

Make sure that there is a spread of talent and skills across a group. Do not put all the extraverts together! They love to be together but mixing them up creates the best outcome on the day.

Legs and Distance

A good mix of activities allow the talents of the whole group to shine. We ensure that there is a healthy spread so that everyone can partake in them.

Wow Factor

The scavenger hunt should be an adventure where the group is creating their own fun and entertainment. Each program needs to have a surprise or a twist that makes it a memorable event.  For example: our art gallery in the art heist scavenger hunt, our mystery shop owner who is an undercover agent or our video footage of the ransom demand in our ransom program.


This adds a nice element to the program.  We keep this simple but people just love using gadgets.

Pre Set Up

Considerable time is in the set up of the program.

Rain on the day

This is most commonly asked question. We know a week ahead what the forecast will be and different route can be recommended where there is undercover.  We also have other programs that can be tweaked into the schedule to balance indoor versus outdoor.

Winning Team

This is does not need to be based on time. We have a number of methods of determining the winning team.