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Mission Accomplished Challenge

Teams set out to demonstrate their prowess and super abilities to enter the Super Spy Ministry. Your mission should you choose to accept it ….. an unlikely mission. Mission Accomplished is enthralling from the moment it starts.  Non stop entertainment no matter your age. 

Teams engage in undercover rendezvous, surveillance camera work, disguises, secrecy and message decoding as they immerse themselves into the world of solving the most unlikely mission.

Each team is armed with a top-secret attaché case filled with maps, clues, schedules and crucial information. But life as a spy is never easy scattered throughout the route teams will encounter assorted secret agents, spies, hit men and informants, (our own team of characters) who may help or hinder their progress.

  • Great theme to make the day a success
  • Great for building team spirit and camaraderie!


  • Code breaking, map reading.
  • Rendezvous with points.
  • Puzzles and lateral thinking
  • Great plot
  • Lots of laughter, fun & highly memorable.
  • Encourages lateral thinking
  • Great theme
  • Props
  • Fabulous locations
  • Option of  finishing with a finale activity of laser skirmish


  • Professionally MC’d
  • Logistics Management
  • Backpacks/cameras
  • Nibbles/drinks
  • Shopping budget
  • SMS texting
  • Insurance
  • Loads of materials
  • Mystery locations
  • Place to unwind and relax post program

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