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Have a Party with a difference!

  • Not sure what to organise for your next birthday?
  • Something for your kid’s party?
  • Want to start your hens or bucks party with a difference?
  • Something different to do for a change?

At Scavenger Hunt we have many different types of programs which can have one or more players who need to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. Scavenger Hunt programs may be an indoor or outdoor activites, depending on your requirements.

All our programs are full of action, code breaking, map reading, activities to solve and include a massive amount of FUN.

With each new set of clues your team will diagnose, discover and test their problem solving skills as they navigate through the local area, solve some challenging team exercises and discover parts of their vicinity that they have never seen before.

Our Scavengers are more than a basic Scavenger Hunt. Each program has twists, a unique theme and some unlikely characters. In addition we use SMS technology that allows teams to receive clues, choose routes as they move through each leg of the program.

Our programs are fiendishly clever, wildly innovative and with a special theme. They are designed to really push your team to think together as a group. Teams will need to communicate, solve devilish puzzles and complete some hilarious and challenging activities.

Scavenger Hunts for Children

Scavenger Hunts can be be played at children’s parties.

They can be in a range of formats; just searching for items, following clues as a group or splitting into teams to race to a prize.

If you want your friends to talk about your next party for years call us NOW on 1300 723 007 or click here for a quote.