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Amazing race with heaps of activities and games galore.

Spread across multiple locations using taxi, train, public transport and by foot.  Our GPS map technology will send teams to multiple locations to unlock each hotspot challenge to earn the money.  Earn as much money as you can through completing a host of challenging sensory, physical, mental, memory (interesting – challenging activities).


  • Teams get to travel to multiple locations in the CBD to earn points and can be clever and earn multiple earnings through investing their hard earned dollars wisely on each activity they play.
  • Includes GPS map technology with ipads, games, riddles, puzzles photo assignments & team challenges to bond your teams.
  • Similar to the amazing race format teams discover different parts of the city and need to sue their smarts to work out how to best travel.
  • Riddles and challenges are sent directly to each team’s mobile phones or ipads allowing teams to experience all the best features of  the local area or by rail or taxi to other locations.
  • Devious riddles to bamboozle your team, Hidden QR codes, Assignments and fun games, Sliding puzzles, Photo assembly, Games galore, Trivia interactive challenges, Photo assignments that will have everyone totally engaged


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