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Run for the money

The overall objective of Run for the Money is to earn as much money as you can through an a whole host of bizarre to interesting to challenging activities. The team with the most dollars is deemed to be the winner.
The catch in this game of strategy is that your team can earn multiple earnings through investing their hard earned dollars wisely on each and every activity they play.


  • Allows everyone’s talent to shine.
  • There is no need for speed, money is earned on activities
  • Lots of laughter, fun & highly memorable.
  • Challenging and creative activities
  • Best locations in CBD
  • Raise the spirits and camaraderie
  • Fabulous mix of activities that will surprise every one!
  • Level of involvement and rivalry stays high


  • SMS mobile phone technology
  • Backpacks
  • Drinks and nibbles
  • A whole range of equipment and materials
  • Folders and instruction sheets
  • Shopping challenge budget
  • Prizes
  • Staff and professionally facilitated

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