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What to expect

We greet you at the place that we are hosting the event.

 There maybe one or two surprises at the start of the event depending on theme. Our staff are masters at interacting and getting every one involved.

We explain program and set up the teams.

Each team creates their unique name.

Equipment is handed out to each group.

A special sequence of activities to get every one involved commences the program.

Typically we use up to five legs for a scavenger hunt. At each leg there are hilarious team based challenges, clues to solve and an assortment of exercises for bonus points.


Our quote lists what we will provide on the day:

All activity equipment
Shopping budget
Expertly facilitated
MC and Staff
SMS and phone text charges
Mystery Actors

Team Masterpiece painting

Giant Sweet Cake / Plasticine Challenge

Private Gallery space

Food and Drinks

Wrap and debrief


Group Size

Our Scavenger Hunts are designed for both, small and large groups. There is no size that we cannot handle.  We have a variety of pricing options to suit your budget and specific needs of your group.


Our programs typically run between 2 – 4 hours.  We’re also able to conduct 3 day programs where legs are spread over a conference program  for example to break up the schedule.  Our programs are flexible so they can be customised to suit your requirements on the day.

Before the Event

From the time we accept the booking pre planning begins and we work with you to synchronise times, manage logistics and build a plan for the day.

Our quotes may consider the following items: pre activity set up, activity equipment, staff, SMS text message charges, drinks, travel, nibbles, back packs, t shirts and prizes.

After the Event

After the event your team will have a shared experience, a lot of laughs, and we will provide a comedic wrap up to bring the event to a successful completion. We can recommend a venue for your team to unwind, relax and share the stories from the day. We know a variety of restaurants, barbecue areas where you may wish to continue to socialise.

Winning teams are be based on points scored, correct answers, problems solved etc.